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Professional Wall Mending Agent

Professional Wall Mending Agent

Professional Wall Mending Agent

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Give your walls a new and fresh look instantly!

The walls with cracks and holes would be an eyesore for your room.  If you are looking for an easy way to repair the wall, this Wall Mending Agent would be the perfect solution to fix most holes and dents effortlessly.

The Wall Mending Agent creates a quick-drying patch that dries hard enough so the repaired wall will become virtually invisible for professional-looking results. It comes in a resealable tube that allows it to be stored away when not in use, keeping it moist and ready for the next application.


  • GREAT FOR ANY TYPE OF WALL REPAIRS: There will be no damage you can't fix because this agent instantly seals and repairs broken surfaces
      • SAFE TO USE: Made from environment-friendly ingredients that are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and formaldehyde-free
      • CONVENIENT: This can be used straight from the tube and smeared in one movement
      • EASY TO USE: Simply apply a thin layer to the damaged or stained area and scrape to smoothen it


        • DRIES QUICKLY: Offers a quick-dry solution that is totally mess-free
        • WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect for scuffs on walls, trim, baseboard, doors, ceilings, and other surfaces
        • PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING RESULTS: Due to the unique nature of this agent, this works best for painted walls where lack of texturing won’t be quite as noticeable
        • VERSATILE: This is a newbie-friendly option for those who aren’t already DIY inclined


          • Ingredients: Glue + Resin + Carbonate Cover
          • Color: White
          • Net Content: 100g

      Package Include:

        • 1 x Wall Mending Agent

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