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Washable T-shirt Marker Pen

Washable T-shirt Marker Pen

Washable T-shirt Marker Pen

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Add an Artistic Touch to your T-shirt! 

Take your DIY projects to the next level with this amazing T-Shirt Marker Pen! It can turn your plain-looking clothing into an appealing and exciting one.  You can paint or draw as you like on any fabrics, such as your T-shirt or sneakers. Washable underwater, you can change the design of your T-shirt easily every day!

The T-shirt marker pen provides you with convenient means of adding creativity to your clothesThis features a rich, quality pigment so you'll get nothing less than ultra-vibrant colors. It comes off easily underwater, so you can draw freely and change it anytime. You can write smoothly with no worries of smudge


  • ENCOURAGES CREATIVITY: Gives you the thrill of producing captivating designs on fabrics no matter your level of creativity
  • WASHABLE: Can be washed off with water
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The marker has deeply rich pigmentation and provides a smooth application
  • VERSATILE: Perfect for wall art, clothing, handbags, placemats, canvas, sneakers, bibs, baby gear and more
  • NO MESS: No matter your level of experience, this fabric pen is perfect for you because the color doesn't bleed so it creates no mess
  • SAFE: This is also a great choice for kids crafting since it is non-toxic
  • CONVENIENT: From doodles, creative decorating, to intricate designs, the marker is very easy to use because it produces color evenly
  • MORE TIME WITH FAMILY: Gives you countless hours of quality time with your family as you create beautiful artistic designs together



  • Ingredients: Non-toxic and highly pigmented ink
  • 5pcs set: 
    • A: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Orange
    • B: Pink, Sky Blue, Purple, Bright Green, Black
  • 10pcs set: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Orange, Bright Green, Sky Blue, Pink

Package Includes:

  • Fabric Marker x 1 set (5pcs/10pcs)

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