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Super Gloss Car Coating Spray

Super Gloss Car Coating Spray

Super Gloss Car Coating Spray

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Give Your Car A Brilliant, Protective Shine

If you’re tired of your car wax because it breaks down every so often, then the SuperGloss Car Coating Spray is exactly what you need. This quick and easy spray wax is designed to protect and polish away dust and fingerprints, leaving you with long-lasting lustrous shine.

More than anything, Car Coating Spray makes cleaning easy. Water slides off easily, cutting the washing time by half.  It also protects the car from chemical stains caused by acidic contaminants.


Clean, Shine & Protect - Formulated to take all the fuss out of polishing and protecting your vehicle. Now you can clean, shine and protect your car in just 1 application!

Save Your Time & Effort - It delivers amazing results on clean surfaces and can even be applied without prior prepping or cleaning your vehicle.

Long-lasting Shine - It is a premium wax alternative, meaning that it does not break down or require reapplication every now and then. 

9h Nano Coating Technology  - Easy-release and non-stick coating technology to significantly reduce weathering, dirt & debris build-up, keeping your car clean for longer

Impeccable Protection - Goes on smooth and wipes off even smoother with no streaks. It creates an ultra-thin layer which protects your car against water, dirt and UV rays

Versatile Car Polish - Dramatically improving the appearance of any material or surface - cars, motorcycles, household appliances, glass and much more

Easy To Use - Spray evenly and spread while hand buffing into the surface using a clean microfiber towel, then flip to the dry side often to buff.

Clear Formula - Water-based, no unsightly white wax residue left behind


  • Net Weight: 100ML


  • 1pc x SuperGloss™ Car Coating Spray

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