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General-Purpose Instant Superglue

General-Purpose Instant Superglue

General-Purpose Instant Superglue

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Fast, Secure, And Universal Superglue

General Purpose Instant Superglue is the perfect option for items you need to use immediately after fixing. This cutting-edge superglue is extremely fast-curing and it ensures perfect and reliable bonds.

The glue works perfectly in any project, and it bonds things together in place without leaving a trace.  This helps your objects to last long even when faced with harsh conditions.


  • Fast Bonding - Sets fast and dries quickly with no clamping required.
  • High Strength Bonds - Tough enough to hold together items that receive strong impacts.
  • Material Compatibility - Bonds to practically any household item including wood, rubber, leather, metal, plastic, and ceramic.
  • Waterproof - Does not disintegrate with water, the glue repels water and demonstrate excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions. 

  • Safe And Easy To Use - Non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-flammable with an environmentally friendly formula. 
  • High Temperature and Moisture Resistance - Can withstand thermal or humid conditions. 
  • Compact - Compact and has pinpoint accuracy for clean and easy repairs.


  • Product color: transparent
  • Viscosity: 500mpas
  • Curing time: 20-40s
  • Packing capacity: 10g

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Super Glue

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