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Step-In Shoe Cover

Step-In Shoe Cover

Step-In Shoe Cover

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Protect your carpet and floor from dirt and footprints 


It's pretty frustrating when someone walks indoors with their shoes on and leaves their footprints everywhere. The Step-In Shoe Cover solves this problem by wrapping around your shoes.

The Step-In Shoe Cover takes no time at all to wear and allows you to walk around indoors without any worries. Keep your home clean and tidy by letting everyone wear this cover if they can't take their shoes off


  • Quick action: Simply step into the cover with your shoes and press on all 4 sides to get it wrapped around your shoes. You don't need to bend down and put it on. After you're done using it, simply stretch it out again and it'll be ready for use.
  • No spills: No dirt or mud will be able to fall out of the cover since it wraps around your shoes from every angle. Walk safely and freely indoors, no matter how dirty your shoes are
  • Fits all shoes: People of all ages and shoe sizes can use this cover. It's large and dynamic enough to fit every kind of shoe, so there's no excuse not to wear it. 
  • Easy to wash: After it's been used, all you have to do to make it look new again is give it a quick wash. 


  • Material: Synthetic Hair


  • 1x Step-In Shoe Cover

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