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Rapid Drying Hair Towel

Rapid Drying Hair Towel

Rapid Drying Hair Towel

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The best way to dry your hair in an instant!

Constant blow-drying causes split ends, breakage, and even hair loss. Not to mention that it’s time-consuming! Switch to towel drying using this Rapid Drying Hair Towel. This wonderful product is soft and super absorbent, it dries your hair quickly without the damaging effects of constant heat contact.

This amazing towel takes care of your hair without minimal time and effort like you normally do with damaging blowdryers. It absorbs water multiple times faster than any other ordinary towel! It has a button closure design to let fit your head properly and securely.  Get your very own Hair Dryer Towel now!


Super water-absorbent – Made of high-quality Microfiber that cuts drying time in half.

Snug & Secure Fit - Wrap it around your hair for heat-free hair drying in no time.

Safe and comfortableControls frizz and breakage and style hair better and gives shine.

Portable - Lightweight and can be folded into a small volume to save space.


Which hair type is it good for?

✔ Straight
✔ Wavy
✔ Curly
✔ Coiled
✔ Tightly Coiled


Material: Microfiber
Measure: 25 5/8″ x 9 7/8″ (65 x 25 cm)
Applicable People: Women / Men / Teen
Weight: 3 Oz (95g)
Machine Washable: Yes
Imported: Yes
Secure Button: Yes

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