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Pinpoint Metal Detector

Pinpoint Metal Detector

Pinpoint Metal Detector

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The Pinpoint Metal Detector is a compact hand-held metal detector that will support you in your upcoming treasure hunts. By measuring merely 23cm in length and weighting not more than 160 grams, this metal detector is extremely portable. It features a durable IP66 design which makes it resistant against water, drops, and dust. 


This cool outdoor gadget features an inter-graded LED light which allows you to use it at night. Its durable design furthermore lets you use this electronic gadget as a shovel. It features a 360-degree detection area and is easy to use.

The Pinpoint Metal Detector will inform you through both audio and physical vibration alarms. The intensity of the alarm will increase gradually while getting closer to the object. This allows you to roughly predict the distance between you and the treasure that has been hidden underneath you.

Product Features:

  • Compact and lightweight metal detector makes sure you’ll never return home empty handed
  • 360-degree detection area finds objects hiding anywhere in its surroundings
  • Audio and vibrating alarm informs you whenever a treasure is near
  • Durable IP66 design lets you use this metal detector in any weather condition and environment

Product Specifications:

  • Battery: 9V (not included)
  • Operating frequency: 12kHz
  • Tuning: Automatic
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP66)
  • Indicator: Proportional audio / vibration pulse rate
  • Control: Power switch
  • 360 degrees side scan detection area
  • Operating temperature: -37 to +70 Degree Celsius

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pinpoint Metal Detector
  • Case
  • Cord
  • User Manual

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