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Photography Props Steel Wool

Photography Props Steel Wool

Photography Props Steel Wool

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🌠Make Your Own Meteor Shower! 🌠

Sometimes you can find ways of taking amazing pictures without spending much money at all and one of the best examples of this is Steel wool photography.  Steel wool photography is an interesting and unique way of painting with light and creating exciting photos like no other


Just light steel wool on fire and spin it around, the sparks fly off and a terrific image like meteor shower can be captured!

Steel Wool photography is an exciting and interesting way to create awesome photographs. The great thing with this process is that it does not require an expensive setup or pricey gear, which is great news for many amateur photographers.  Burning steel wool, in combination with a long exposure, creates a wildly unusual picture that generally used in weddings or by landscape lovers to take stunning night photography.


Get Creative - There a number of ways you can get creative with steel wool photos to make them even more interesting.

Affordable - Without the needs of pricy tools

Fewer Materials - Achieve spectacular long exposure fire shots using burning steel wool and a few simple supplies

Fast Results - Steel wool photography is a fun and interesting way to be creative with your photography instantly.

Inspirational Guide - learning this technique will boost your confidence in your photography skills and help you become a better photographer.



Weight: 120-150g

Size: 66X39X39cm

Package: 5pcs of Steel Wool

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