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Natural Beeswax Ear Candle

Natural Beeswax Ear Candle

Natural Beeswax Ear Candle

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Best Way To Clean The Ears Out

Natural Beeswax Ear Candles are the perfect solutions for anyone with clogged ears.  Now you can enjoy the relaxing, non-invasive sinuses spa treatment right in the comfort of your home. 

Ear Candles will reach deeply into your ear canal and clean out all of the wax without harming your ear or eardrum in any way.  Made of 100% natural beeswax, it gives pleasant natural smell of honey that makes you totally relaxed from daily stress


Relaxing Experience - Thermal-auricular therapy that enhances blood flow within the ear canal, resulting in a feeling of well-being and of general relaxation. 

Non-invasive Clearing - Much safer than clearing the ears with q-tips that would hurt your eardrums, it gently draws excess moisture and waste products out of the ear, leaving it cleared and healthy.

Protective Disc -  Protective discs prevent any burned residues from getting into the ear, help catch wax and minimize cleanup and debris.

100% Natural Beeswax - All-natural ingredients free of chemicals and fungicides

Relieves Pressure - Clear out the interconnected passageways in your skull and leave you with a clean head.

Natural Therapy -  Sharpen mental functions and reduced earaches, headaches, and sinus pressure

Easy To Use - Gently insert into the root canal and the heated air will be channeled to soften earwax

Wide Usage - Can be used after flying, after any type of swimming, after showers, or after any other situation in which your ears become moist and clogged.


Material: 100% Beeswax and infused with propolis.

Package Size: 23.5cm x 4cm

Candle Length: 22.8cm

Package Include:

  • 2pcs / 10pcs in 1 box of Ear Candles

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