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Metallic Brush Pens - 10pcs Set

Metallic Brush Pens - 10pcs Set

Metallic Brush Pens - 10pcs Set

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Jump into the Colourful Memory

Other than photos, Metallic Brush Pens should be one of the items you can't miss when it comes to photo album DIY! It gives you a fun way to add shimmer and shine to photo album or any other lettering projects. These eye-catching pens are incredibly rich in color and beautiful to write with.

These pens are comfortable to grasp and are easy to control. Their permanent ink formula prevents the shimmering particles from flaking off when exposed to water. It’s also quick drying so you won’t accidentally create blemishes before it dries.


  • Best for DIYwriting or drawing on photo album will absolutely make it more fun to read, bringing surprise to your beloved ones
  • Brilliant colours: with 10 vibrant metallic colours that work well on light and dark papers
  • Permanent ink: prevent the shimmering particles from flaking off when exposed to water
  • Quick-dry: specially formulated with ink that dries with the perfect amount of shimmer, no blemishes will appear

  • Photo-safe, acid-free, light-fast, odourless and xylene-free, safe enough for kids to use the pens
  • Not only applicable on papers, you can also use them on glass, plastic, pottery and wood


  • Consisted of water-based Ink, environmental and non-toxic
  • In order to get the best use feeling, keep the pen horizontal
  • After use, please lid the pen cap because it is easy to dry

Package Includes:

  • 10 x Metallic Brush Pens

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