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Magnetic Magic Cube

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The Best Stress-Relieving Toy!

Need something amusing to help you kill the time? Come to look at this Magnetic Magic Cube. This Magnetic Magic Cube can be combined into any geometry freely. You will come up with limitless shapes with no name since you are the first person to create them.

The Magnetic Magic Cube can effectively alleviate stress. It can be molded, shaped, twisted, contorted, and crushed to ease stressBe in your office as a desk toy. It can help to boost your performance by stimulating creativity and imagination 


Endless Combinations - Design and build thousands of possible shapes and structures.

Educational and Fun - Perfect to enhance manipulative ability and stimulate creativity.

Brain Training Helpful to improve your spatial imagination and logical reasoning ability. 

Alleviate Tension - Great stress reliever and a professional-looking fidget relaxer. 

Take It Anywhere - They can easily be stored in your pocket or anywhere on your desk.

As Office Desk Toy- Suitable for office use, create intricate designs and beautiful art pieces as a craft decoration on your desktop. 

Great Gift - It comes with a nice metal case, a great gift choice that everybody would love. 


  • Material: Magnet
  • Quantity: 216 pcs
  • Diameter: 3mm/5mm
  • Color: Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Black, Purple, Blue, Silver, Nickel, Mixed (6 colors)

Package included:

  • 1 cube consist of 216 orbs.
  • 1 Metal box

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