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Magnetic Door Stopper

Magnetic Door Stopper

Magnetic Door Stopper

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🚪Revolutionary Door Stopper!🚪

Don't want to kick the door stop back and forth? Get this Magnetic Doorstop! This is a beautifully designed doorstopper that will enhance the aesthetic of your doors. It's an easy-to-install, concealed, and magnetic device that poses no trip hazard due to its innovative design.

This Magnetic Doorstop has a powerful magnet that protects your walls from unsightly damage and conveniently holds your door open. It is very easy to install and made with high-quality materials.  All metal construction ensures a lifetime of quality and durable door catching.



  • STRONG MAGNET: Utilizes a powerful magnet that is hidden out of sight and responds fast enough to swinging doors
  • NO WALL DAMAGE: Guarantees protection from unsightly wall damage, slamming, shutting and noises
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Features a quick and easy installation method
  • INVISIBLE: No unsightly hardware on display to avoid trip hazards especially for kids and the elderly



  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Made of high-quality, sturdy, and rust-proof material
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect for doors at home, office, hotel, school, and front doors gateway where you need to prevent shutting, slamming, damage and positioning of the door.
  • CONVENIENT: Perfect during summer when you need to keep the door open; great during fall to stop draughts, drafts, and breezes from moving and shifting your door
  • LOW NOISE: Eliminates disturbance from slamming doors



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: Approximately 110g
  • Size: 0.2'' (H) x 2.36'' (W) x 2.36'' (D)


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Magnetic Doorstop


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