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Magical Repair Tape

Magical Repair Tape

Magical Repair Tape

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 Most Powerful Repair Tape Ever

Seal out water, air, and moisture by creating a super-strong bond that can repair virtually everything with the Magical Repair Tape! It is specially formulated with a triple-strength adhesive layer that conforms to any shape or object.

By creating a bond that increases with time and pressure, this tape instantly gives you a secure repair regardless of how damaged the surface might be. It can withstand different weather conditions and perfect for a variety of surfaces.


  • GREAT FOR ANY REPAIR JOBS: Guaranteed to give you a reliable, airtight seal to patch large holes, cracks, gaps, and tears
  • VERSATILE: Ideal not just for wet repairs, but also for fixing holes and cracks in windows, doors, walls, vents, and air ducts
  • SECURE: Once applied, it remains tightly adhered to the surface for a mess-free seal
  • FLEXIBLE: Equipped with a reinforced backing, it conforms to the curves and the overall profile of any surface
  • RESISTANT TO MOISTURE, WEATHER & UV DEGRADATION: Allows you to do quick repairs in any weather condition
  • EASY TO USE: Just remove the peeled film and seal the tape anywhere you need it
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Commonly used in repairing building roofs, surface cracks, RV repairs, windows, marine seals, glass and roof repairs
  • TEMPERATURE FRIENDLY: It dissipates excess heat and ensures the heating and cooling efficiency of sensitive materials

How to Use:

  • Make sure the surface is clean and dry before application
  • Measure and cut the tape according to your needs
  • Peel off the adhesive backing
  • Apply with even pressure to the surface or use a roller


  • Material: Aluminum foil backing + butyl rubber
  • Size: Length: 5m x Width: 5cm

Package Include:

  • 1 x 5cm(Width)/10cm(Width) Repair Tape
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