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Heavy Duty Furniture Moving Sliders

Heavy Duty Furniture Moving Sliders

Heavy Duty Furniture Moving Sliders

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Slide Furniture Effortlessly On Any Surfaces!

Not only will lifting heavy pieces put a strain on your body, but pushing bulky items around can damage floors. Simply place the Heavy Duty Furniture Moving Sliders under the furniture legs and watch it move effortlessly without damaging the floor!

These simple, flat moving pads are typically made of smooth plastic and felt to glide easily over floors. You can also use them to shield and protect the upper side of your furniture as well as your flooring as you move it around.


Smart Way To Move - Helps move furniture anywhere that you want to keep them under heavy pieces of furniture much easier and faster

No Damage To Floor - Made with high-quality felt and plastic to make sure no scratches or damages will be made.

Works on Surfaces - Work on almost every surface, such as hardwood floors, vinyl floors, ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, and other hard surfaces.

No More Back Pain - Reduce the risk of injuries caused by moving heavy objects. 

Easy To Use - No adhesive nor extra tools needed, simply put the furniture sliders under the furniture legs and slide them effortlessly. 

Secure Grip - The thick felt layer securely grips furniture for a long-lasting hold.

Reusable - Using durable materials, made to be used over and over again.

Wide UsageUse them on all your favorite items, including tables, sofas, beds, dressers, recliners, and any heavy appliances


Product Name: Heavy Duty Furniture Moving Sliders
Color: Beige
Material: Plastic+Felt
Thickness: About 1cm
Size: 3.5 Inch/ 5 Inch/ 7 Inch

Package Includes:

4 PCs* Furniture sliders

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