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Heavy Duty Boot Jack Puller

Heavy Duty Boot Jack Puller

Heavy Duty Boot Jack Puller

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👢Take Off Your Boots Hands-Free👢

Do you have a painful back? Are your shoes too tight? Say goodbye to the struggle and get your boots off quickly with this handy boot jack that lets you easily take off your boots hands-free!

Take your muddy boots off without bending your back or getting your hands dirty.  The Boot Jack works perfectly with nearly any type of boot and shoe. Never waste any energy and time again fighting for the freedom of your feet! 


  • CONVENIENT AND FASTER - Takes off your boots and shoes easily and faster
  • COMFORTABLE - U-design, fit any heel and make you comfortably take off any boot or shoes without bending over.
  • EASY TO USE - You just put your foot in the opening, positioning your heel back against the Boot Jack and lift your foot up. 
  • NO DAMAGES - The unique ‘U’ opening will grip your boot heel and won’t leave any scratches, stains, or marks.

  • Made from heavy-duty P Plastic and Rubber materials. Strong and durable that can be abusively used.
  • Works well for all kinds of shoes and boots, such as cowboy boots, work boots and fashion boots.


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