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Heat Transfer T-shirt Printing Paper

Heat Transfer T-shirt Printing Paper

Heat Transfer T-shirt Printing Paper

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šŸ‘•Make T-shirts with your Favorite Picture!šŸ‘•

Crafting has become a lot easier thanks to the Heat Transfer Paper. Now you can transfer your designs like a real professional and customize your garments with style.Ā Just print, trim, peel and press. You will get vibrant photo-quality color transfers on any fabric items.

It is a hot-peel transfer paper that provides high-quality, long-lasting results.Ā  It endures hundreds of washes and is super durable. They are environmentally friendly without toxic solvents that you can use with any worries. In premium quality, there will be no crackings on your favorite designs.Ā Ā 



EASY TO USE -Ā Just print, trim, peel and press with iron, the whole process only costs a few minutes

LONG-LASTING - The transferred image will not come off easily andĀ provides wear and wash durability

HIGH-QUALITY - It is quality-made, there will be no crackings or irritating crumpling noise

NO MESS -Ā Sharp prints with no bleeding or feathering

VERSATILITY -Ā  It can be used on any fabric items, such as T-shirt, sneakers, tote bags etc.


  • 1.Ā Print your design on the heatĀ transfer paper (no need to print in mirror image)
  • 2. Trim the paper to the size you want
  • 3. Cover the transfer image with the overlay sheet, set the iron to the highest temperature and iron forĀ around 30 seconds, or set the heat press to 320Ā oFĀ and press about 5 seconds. Then you can peel off the overlay sheet.Ā 
  • 4. After the transfer finished, keep the T-shirt or fabric dry for 24 hours, then put the T-shirt or fabric inside out and wash it.



  • Material:Paper
  • Size: A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
  • Package:5/10/20pcs x heat transfer paper + 1 overlay sheet

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