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Double Head Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter

Double Head Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter

Double Head Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter

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Cut ANY Materials The Way You Want!

Looking for the best power tool for sheet metal cutting? Whether you're into creative metal works or a sculptor who constantly works on metals, this Double Head Metal Nibbler Cutter is surely one valuable gadget that is worth the investment!

This powerful tool can easily be inserted into the chuck of an electric or power drill with 3000RPM. It is designed to work for both straight and curved cuts to ensure an excellent cutting performance that makes any DIY job effortlessly convenient.


  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: It makes any cutting job easier, faster and safer
    • PRECISE: This fits effortlessly into any standard drill and can glide through material up to 2mm thick or 14 gauge to create a precise, burr-free edge
    • HIGHLY-EFFICIENT: With a cutting speed of 1500 - 3000RPM, it guarantees to cut any surface accurately to save you plenty of time
    • USE ANYWHERE: It has 360° adjustability, making it set in any position for optimum tool clearance when navigating profiles or to facilitate easy material flow

    • MAXIMUM COMFORT: The handle has an ergonomic design to offer more comfort and stability when in use
    • WIDELY USED: Suitable to use on sheet metal, corrugated material, pipes, complex profiles, powder coated material, stainless steel, copper, Aluminum, Formica, plastic, and fiberglass
    • VERSATILE: This can also be used for cutting soft materials such as denim, leather, paper or card
    • COMPACT: It can perfectly fit the corner of your toolbox with no fuss
    • CONVENIENT: Whether it's straight or circle cutting, this tool will help you cut any material effortlessly


    • Material: Metal
    • Speed: 1500-3000RPM
    • Head Diameter: 10.5mm
    • Cutting Thickness - Cuts material up to 2mm thick
    • Compatibility: Fiberglass, plexiglass, wood, vinyl, laminate, plastic, gutters, tiles, flooring, frames, studs, pipes and many other materials
    • Cutting Shapes - Cuts corrugated, round, and complex shapes to a 12mm radius
    • 12 GAUGE - Copper, brass, Aluminum
    • 14 GAUGE - Mild steel
    • 18 GAUGE - Stainless steel

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Double Head Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter
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