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DIY Crystal Growing Kit

DIY Crystal Growing Kit

DIY Crystal Growing Kit

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Create Your Own Crystal Wishing Bottle

Watch your own crystals grow before your eyes with this fun and educational DIY Crystal Growing Kit. Watch as each sparkling crystal forms and grows inside its own unique display dome. Once grown, these crystals will last indefinitely for family and friends to enjoy.

This DIY Crystal Growing Kit includes everything you need to grow crystals. It also comes with a LED cork stopper that shines over the crystalGrow and get your unique crystal wish bottle to add a perfect touch to your room. 


  • Bigger And Faster Crystal Growth - Improved crystal powder formula, crystal can grow bigger and faster when compared to other brands
  • Comprehensive Kit - Includes everything you need to grow a crystal, no extra equipment is needed
  • Delicate Night Light - Comes with a LED cork stopper, can act as a delicate night light with warm illumination
  • Lovely Gift - Write a message on the label and attach it to the jar, it is a perfect gift choice for your loved ones

  • Growing Is Easy - Very easy to glow with no special skills needed.  
  • Interesting Family Activity - Teaches kids and adults about the beauty and complexity of crystal growth with stunning results
  • Vibrant Color - 6 different colors available, you can choose the color that suits your room the most

How To Use:

  1. Stand the stirrer up straight in the jar
  2. Add hot water at 100°C until the water level reaches the mark on the stirrer
  3. Pour the crystal powder into the hot water and stir to dissolve the powder (small amount of undissolved powder will not affect the growth of the crystal)
  4. Wait for 3 minutes
  5. Put the crystal seed (dome side facing upwards) in the jar
  6. Close the jar with the cork stopper, avoid moving the jar to let the crystal set
  7. Remove the cork stopper after 24 hours
  8. Pour the liquid away when the crystal grows above the water level
  9. Cover the jar with the LED cork stopper for a glowing effect. 


  • Product Size : 2.37 x 2.37 x 3.15 inch
  • Packaging Size : 3.15 x 3.15 x 5.9 inches

Package Includes: 

  • Glass Jar x 1
  • Crystal Seed x 1
  • Crystal Powder x 1
  • Stirrer x 1
  • Cork Stopper x 1
  • Cork Stopper With LED x 1
  • Rope x 1
  • Label x 1
  • User Guide x 1

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