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Disposable Toilet Scrubber

Disposable Toilet Scrubber

Disposable Toilet Scrubber

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The Toilet Wand That Does The Trick

When it comes to cleaning your toilet, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.  Simply brush, flush and say goodbye to stains with this Disposable Toilet Scrubber. Easy-peasy cleaning!

This Disposable Toilet Scrubber can clear stains and bacteria, as well as make your toilet sparkling clean again. Just throw straight into your toilet and rinse off after use, they make toilet cleaning much simpler and more effective!


  • Disinfecting Toilet Cleaner -  These sponges deep clean and remove stains while eliminating germs to make your toilet bowl feel like new.
  • Scrub In 360-degree - Removes limescale and cleans under the rim and below the water.
  • Hygienic And Sanitary -  Single-use refills that won’t accumulate germs the way traditional brushes might.
  • Healthy and Environmental -  Fresh brush refills are flushable & biodegradable, Contain no phosphorus and non-abrasive.
  • Easy To Use Just simply attach the cleaning pad to clean toilets and then press the button to release pad after use.
  • Fresh Smell -  The cleaner gives a fresh citrus scent when in contact with toilet water, leaves a pleasant smelling toilet. 


  • Material: PP + ABS + Non-woven fabric
  • Color: white
  • Weight: 233g

Package Available:

  • Set 1: A handle, 4 flushable pads, and a storage stand
  • Set 2: A handle, 8 flushable pads, and a storage stand
  • Set 3: A handle, 12 flushable pads, and a storage stand
  • Set 4: 12 flushable pads

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