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Broken Screw Extractor

Broken Screw Extractor

Broken Screw Extractor

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Fix Water Pipe on Your Own

Looking for a practical solution to your frustration of having a stripped screw or a broken bolt? With the Broken Screw Extractor, you can efficiently save time and money in the arduous task of extracting stripped screws and bolts.

It works well with screws or bolts from a wide range of sizes so be assured that you can use it with no hassle at all. This is made of high-strength, durable carbon, crafted to withstand multiple extractions while rendering performance that is nothing short of excellent.


  • FAST & EASY: Provide easy removal of rusted, free-spinning screws and deck screws
  • SPIRAL TIP DESIGN: Embed the extractor into the damaged screws for increased resistance resulting in an easier removal
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT: Extract damaged bolts, screws, bolts and pipes that cannot be removed by the common screwdriver
  • 8 SIZES: Allow you to extract screw with diameter from 4mm to 45mm, 7# and 8# are specially designed for broken water pipe repair
  • Work on wood and machine screws, as well as flat, hex, or painted over screws
  • An essential part of every tool kit box because it is great for home use, workshops, automotive mechanics, carpenters, construction works and more
  • Come with a handy case for easy storage
  • Made from a robust material that is tempered twice for extra hardness and durability

How to Use:

  • Set the electrical drill on the lowest speed
  • Drill a deep hole in the damaged screw (drill size should be smaller than the screw)
  • Select an extractor with the proper size
  • Put in the hole and rotate


  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Extractors Size:
    • 1# 4mm for 4-6mm
    • 2# 4.5mm for 6-8mm
    • 3# 6.5mm for 8-11mm
    • 4# 7.5mm for 11-14mm
    • 5# 11mm for 14-18mm
    • 6# 15mm for 18-25mm
    • 7# 20mm for 25mm-35mm
    • 8# 25mm for 35mm-45mm

Package Includes:

  • 7# Only or
  • 8# Only or
  • Set of 5 (1#-5#) or
  • Set of 6 (1#-6#) or
  • Set of 8 (1#-8#)
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