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Basketball Shooting Trainer (2pcs)

Basketball Shooting Trainer (2pcs)

Basketball Shooting Trainer (2pcs)

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Shoot In A Perfect Way

Make more shots, make better passes and handle the ball like a pro with this Basketball Finger Trainer! This simple tool helps optimize your shooting form in a perfect way and vastly improves your shooting percentage

This handy tool can quickly correct your bad shooting posture by spreading fingers wide and forcing players to keep the ball off the palm.  It is made with durable, comfortable anti-fungal and anti-bacterial materials, good for a sweating sport like basketball.


  • IMPROVE SHOOTING PERCENTAGE - Keeps the ball off the palm so shooters are using their finger pads to control the shot which gives the shooter the best chance of making the shot.
  • PERFECT FORM ON YOUR SHOT Forces players to keep the ball off the palm of the hand when shooting to correct shooting pose.
  • DEVELOPS WIDE GRIP - It helps spread your fingers apart equally for a wider grip


  • HYGENIC MATERIAL - Made with anti-bacterial and anti-fungi materials, makes it perfect for sweating sports. 
  • COMFORTABLE - Lightweight and flexible design that fits snug over the fingers of the players. 
  • EASY TO USE - Spaces fingers properly for better control of the basketball for shooting, dribbling, and passing.

Size Chart (cm)


  • Product: Finger Trainer
  • Material: Silicon
  • Color: Red / Black / Blue / Gray / Camouflag

Package Includes: 

2 x Basketball Training Posture Correction Device

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