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Anti Dust Edge Triangles

Anti Dust Edge Triangles

Anti Dust Edge Triangles

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Get Rid Of Dust In The Corners

Find the corners of your drawers hard to clean? This is the reason why you should get the Anti Dust Edge Triangles.  It can effectively prevent dust from depositing in the corner and avoid a long-term accumulation of ash and bacteria.

These Anti Dust Edge Triangles can be placed in the corner of the cupboard corner or cabinet drawer to prevent dust from falling into the dead corners which can save your cleaning time and keep your cabinet out of ash all time. 


Saves Cleaning Time - Prevent dust and dirt from building up in the hard-to-reach places

Simple Clear Design -  Fits perfectly in any home decor style.

Easy To Use - Can easily plug in any corner

50 Pcs Set - Comes in 50 pcs, one package can fulfill the needs for all the corners at your house.

Widely Used - Suitable for wardrobe, cupboard and drawer corners


Material: PVC
Size: 1.5 × 1.5 cm
Angle:90 Degree

Package Includes

  • Transparent Triangles x 50 pcs 

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